Anonymous asked: Whenever you say sean it sound like shawn

That’s the sound of it as he says!

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Anonymous asked: Sean lives in long island ney york where it is near to amytiville isnt he scared???

No idea

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analeighbabes asked: Hi I'm new to this fandom can I have some facts about Sean

I most say I didn’t know there is a fandom here but here are some facs:

1.He’s 18

2. He has tumblr!

3 In his FAQ he says he is straight and lives in NY and LA

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Anonymous asked: Whats the hair color of sean and i like his hairstyle❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’d say his hair is brown and I like his hairstyle too!

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Anonymous asked: How old is Sean?


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Anonymous asked: do you on NWLYG Megan Nicole MV too? tell me about NWLYG please!

I’m not Sean! But yes he is on Megan Nicole’s NWLYG

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Anonymous asked: How tall is Sean?

No idea but on the internet there is an answer for sure!